All my dogs have or will be health tested for hip dysplasia, elbows, glaucoma, thyroid, and heart. I will not breed any dog that does not pass all health tests. I will post all health tests on my website. I do not use OFA that so many breeders swear by for several reasons. I’ve known of breeders getting the wrong reports back, not only from a different dog but a different breed altogether. I’ve also heard of violations of privacy of the tests results given out to individuals that should not of been given various information. The majority of breeders that use OFA have their dogs tested at 2 years of age and that is the end of the health tests. Many health issues occur after that young age and the records are never changed. I will periodically check thyroid, eyes, and heart for any problems that may develope with my dogs later in life. Hips and elbows, like humans, tend to wear with normal physical activity, especially for a very active dog, so repeating X-rays at a future date would not be logical. I have a total of 4 different vets that I use and feel confident with their findings and evaluations to be accurate and I do not need a chic # posted after them. If you want a puppy from parents with a chic # then you have come to the wrong breeder, and if you do look up chic #s make sure that there is all 5 health tests posted. If one or more is missing that is a good indication the dog did not pass that specific test or was not tested for that particular test.