LIMITED REGISTRATION CONTRACT 


This puppy is being purchased as:

(   )  A pet companion or service animal with limited registration and not for breeding purposes. This buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed or neutered between the age of 18 months and 2 years old.

(    ) potential show dog for confirmation with co-ownership with the breeder, and potential for breeding upon this breeders written approval with full registration contract.



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Whelping Date______________________________ AKC Registration #_________________________________________

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Dam _________________________________________________________________

Breeder: Lisa Waldron Hitchcock  Bouviers

Phone 330-502-9559

E-Mail Address : hitchcockbouviers@yahoo.com

Home Address: 8428 Hitchcock Rd Boardman OH 44512

This breeder (Hitchcock Bouviers) strongly recommends obedience training and socialization at a young age for this puppy, starting as early as 10 weeks of age and no later than 16 weeks of age. This breeder also strongly recommends crate training this puppy to prevent injury to the puppy while unsupervised and prevent damage to the buyers possessions, and assist in housebreaking (potty training ) this puppy. No puppy will be released to the buyer until the puppy is 8 weeks of age.

This breeder (Hitchcock Bouviers) strongly recommends NO stringent exercise before the age of 2 years. Stringent exercise meaning but not limited to excessive running aka jogging or running with human counterpart, cart pulling, herding of large farm animals, jumping from excessive heights aka balconies, etc. Hip joints and Elbow joints can be damaged if strenuous exercise is introduced before the puppy reaches a mature age of 2 years old and could results in hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia later on in the dogs life.




 If for any reason this buyer can no longer retain possession of this puppy, this breeder is to be notified and given first option to recover full ownership of this puppy at the expense of the present owner, without refund for the puppy. The puppy will be returned to this breeder with all AKC papers and medical records. The puppy/dog is never to be given up to a rescue of any kind or taken to a pound.


 Buyer agrees to care for and maintain a healthy environment for this puppy including but not limited to proper nutrition, clean living environment,companionship ,veterinary care including vaccinations, health check ups, flea tick and heart worm prevention, and any other medical treatment that may be required in this puppies lifetime. Puppies must live indoors with their families the majority of each day and not be left outside in inclement weather wether it be excessive heat or cold. The buyer agrees to inform this breeder of any health issues that may develope with this puppy that may be deemed genetic or congenital in a timely manner so this breeder can maintain accurate health records for future breedings.

The puppy wether male or female shall not be neutered or spayed before the age of 18 months, however 2 years is preferred. Research has showed that neutering /spaying before the puppy has reached maturity can result in abnormal bone development and temperament issues.


 UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this puppy to be placed in a pet shop, animal shelter, or similar establishment.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES  is this puppy to be used in dog fighting, baiting,or similar circumstances.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this puppy to be sold as a companion pet or service dog to bebred.


Failure to comply with the above conditions stated in this agreement by this breeder will incur a liability to the buyer of $2500 in damages payable to this breeder on demand, including any court costs and legal fees incurred by this breeder for said damages.

 Deposits of $500  are due immediately if the buyer wants a puppy reserved for them. Payment is due in full  and  written contract signed by both parties before the puppy will be released to the buyer. 


The seller guarantees the puppy to be of sound health and temperament at the time of delivery . The  buyer will have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 3 days of receiving the puppy. Should the puppy be found to have congenital health issues , not attributed to trauma or injury while in the care of the buyer, the puppy may be returned  to this breeder in exchange for another puppy when available, upon written diagnosis of the veterinarian. This breeder retains the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of her choice upon return, to confirm  an accurate diagnosis of the puppy. If the diagnosis by this breeders veterinarian is disputed , then a third veterinarian opinion will be obtained by a mutually agreed upon  veterinarian of the buyer and seller.


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