Hitchcock Bouviers Show/Breeding Contract


Puppy Registration Name________________________________________________________________

Puppy AKC Registration Number_________________________

Puppy Call Name___________________________


DOB___/____/________ Dog___Bitch____

Sire__________________________________________Registration Number___________________

Dam__________________________________________Registration  Number___________________

This Hitchcock Bouvier Puppy is to be sold at a price of $_______________as a Show/Breeding Quality Prospect under the following conditions:

Seller has determined that the Bouvier Dog/Puppy described above to be a show prospect. Show prospect shall be understood to mean that no disqualifying faults as defined in the AKC Breed Standard are evident at the time of sale, and that no genetic disorders are immediately apparent. In such case, the seller will provide the buyer with an AKC Full Registration. Seller and Buyer will be listed as Co-Owners with Seller being primary owner and buyer being secondary owner.

1. The buyer agrees to all stipulations as stated on the General Contract

2. All Hitchcock Bouvier Puppies will be registered by the seller under the kennel name Hitchcock. Buyer may not change the registered name or remove the prefix kennel name Hitchcock.

3. Buyer agrees to exhibit the above dog/bitch at AKC confirmation shows but not limited to AKC or Confirmation. Buyer is solely responsible for all entry fees and costs associated with showing the above Bouvier.

4.All Show/Breeding quality puppies are required to achieve an AKC Champion Title in Confirmation, but not limited to AKC or Confirmation title before they can be considered for breeding purposes.

5. All puppies that obtain an AKC Champion status must then be completely be health tested  for no evidence of hip dysplasia, heart disease, hypothyroidism, glaucoma, and elbow dysplasia before they can be bred and results sent to this seller.

6. All breeding prospects to be bred to the above puppy, be dog or bitch, must meet the approval of this seller before being bred. 

7. Bitches may not be bred before the age of 2, may not be bred every heat cycle but must skip a heat cycle, unless agreed upon by the seller.

8. Bitches may not be bred more than 5 times in her lifetime, unless agreed upon by the seller.

9. If the Bouvier is male the seller retains the right to use the above stated dog on a female of the sellers choosing for breeding purposes with the understanding that no stud fee or other consideration will be paid to the buyer from this seller. This provision shall be limited to one time a year for the lifetime of the dog as long as the dogs semen is still viable.

Sellers name Lisa Waldron Sellers kennel Hitchcock Bouviers Sellers Address 8428 Hitchcock Rd Boardman Ohio 44512 Sellers Phone Number 330-502-9559 Sellers Website hitchcockbouviers.com Sellers Email lwaldron52@yahoo.com hitchcockbouviers@yahoo.com Sellers signature_________________________Date________________ Buyers Name__________________________ Buyers Address_____________________________________ Buyers Phone Number__________________________________ Buyers Email___________________________________________ By signing this I the buyer agree to follow all statements and guidelines as stated in the above contract. If the above contract is not followed in any way as stated above, the seller has the right to: Obtain full ownership of the above Bouvier, and the Buyer will be responsible for any expenses incurred by breaking this contract including but not limited to attorney fees, transportation of above Bouvier returning to seller, and provide all health records to seller while in the care of this buyer.

Buyers Signature__________________________________________