If a breeder won't let you visit to meet their dogs or show you where there dogs live , you may want to walk away. Many breeders don't let potential buyers visit their home. There could be several reasons for this.  

1 They  don't want you to see how their dogs live kept in crates like a puppy mill.

2 They  are paranoid about strangers coming to their home in this crazy world we live in now, totally understandable.

3 May not be the cleanest people.

4 They don't want to risk bringing diseases to their litter, also understandable.

5 They don't want you to know where they live......could be a puppy mill.

Jyst some  examples I've come across. I will always welcome potential puppy buyers or my puppy buyers to my home to meet my dogs. All 8 of them if your willing. I don't let people come to visit normally if I have a litter before the puppies are 4 weeks old. You will then be asked to remove your shoes and use hand sanitizer. I will allow you to hold your own puppy . Just something to think about while looking for your new family member.