Many breeders of Bouviers say you should never breed fawn to fawn. They say breeding fawn to fawn produces a white dog, a sick dog, a dog with bad temperament, etc. My mentors have been breeding quality healthy maliable fawn puppies from fawn to fawn breedings for years and years. Both of my fawns are from fawn to fawn breedings. If you know anything about color genetics, breeding fawn to fawn is no different than two humans with blue eyes producing a blue eyed child, or two blondes producing a blonde child. Yes, the fawn gene is a recessive gene of COLOR. It has nothing to do with health , confirmation, or temperament. Yes, I’m sure there are fawns with bad temperaments, health problems, etc.but there are also dark dogs with the same bad qualities. It comes down to pedigrees,proper socialization,and the temperaments and health of the parents, not color. If you breed two fawns that have a genetic background of pedigrees with illness you will most likely produce puppies of the same. The same outcome is likely if you breed two dark colored dogs. I hate to repeat myself but COLOR has nothing to do with health,temperment ,confirmation,intellegience,etc.